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Girls and young women in disadvantaged communities across the world are looking to learn boxing and self defense to improve their resiliency and contribute to safer communities. Boxgirls International has developed curricular materials and practical experience from many years working in Kenya, Berlin and South Africa to share on safe and productive boxing training, engaging girls and women in all aspects of a sport and development organisation and community violence prevention strategies. Together with partners we want to create an online resource for sports for development organisations, boxing federations, sports agencies and the young people they serve. This resource will help organisations create better programmes for youth, engage communities in their growth, and create more sustainable organisations through diversifying their income streams. The business and boxing resource will make it easier and less expensive for sports for development organisations and boxing federations to profit from and contribute to the Boxgirls International network.


Kenyan Boxers


Now that the first version is released in Spring 2014 we invite all who are using boxing for sport and development to contribute their learnings here. To get more information please write us here: info[at]