Boxgirls International

Boxgirls International works to create a world in which women and girls lead dignified lives in safe communities, where they are valued as equals and have control over their sexuality and economic development. Boxgirls uses the passion and selfcreation of sport in combination with academic programs to drive individual and community transformation.

Education is one of the most effective social equalizers for millions of women around the world.When girls are given equal access to education we see improved health outcomes, lower birth rates and more women in the workforce. Women who have had fair access to education become business owners, health workers and educators, and continue to open opportunities up for women in their wake.
Boxgirls recognizes that gender-based violence and violence in schools are major barriers to education for many girls around the world. The programmes that we deliver support girls and young women in developing life skills, learning self-defence and de-escalation strategies and becoming leaders in their schools and communities.

Strong Girls. Safe Communities.