Every Saturday girls in Khayelitsha visit a Boxgirls Homework Club

We are proud to present you the Boxgirls Homework Club.

The Club gives the girls the chance to improve scholastic competences and achieving higher grades in school.

Malala and girls    Homework Club





Each Saturday we provide a two hours session in English. Focused on math and test-taking skills, we want to give an optimal preparation for their exams. The sessions consist of different learning parts: group learning, individual learning and problem solving. The lessons are combined with activity games, so the girls can stay concentrated. Moreover by teaching predominantly in English, the girls improve their English understanding and English speaking skills. Creating a math dictionary helps them to remember important vocabulary they will need to understand the exam-questions. Another point in Homework Club session is creating individual study plans; the ability to organize and manage your time. The girls are encouraged to ask questions when they do not understand. Therefore it is important to us, to create an atmosphere of trust where everybody feels comfortable and gets attention of other girls and peer educators.

Homework Club aims at improving girls ability to solve problems on their own and become more confident at school.

Your International Boxgirls Team

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