Evaluation of Boxgirls’ Leadership Club

The feasibility and impact of Boxgirls South Africa’s programme is being evaluated by the German Sport University and local research partners from the University of the Western Cape. The evaluation not only helps us to understand the scope and magnitude of our impact but it also helps us to improve and preserve our high standards on the quality of our projects.

The evaluation “gold-standard”, a Randomized Control Trial (RCT), will be used to measure the impact that the programme curriculum has had on the girls’ violence negotiation skills, self-efficacy, social capital and academic performance. This rigorous testing not only allows us to ensure the quality and impact of the Girls Afterschool Leadership Club but it also enables us to work with our local partners to target the unique needs of the local community.

First the Baseline and Pre-test surveys are taken before the start of the program to quantify the status quo and to serve as a comparative metric that we measure the results with. Surveys are conducted again at the end of the program, called the Post-test, and are meant to show the effects of Boxgirls’ Afterschool Leadership Education programme. The final Post-post test measures the lasting effects of the program and emphasize the role that the programme has played in encouraging long-term, sustainable change.

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