Boxgirls proven Impact

Since its beginning the Boxgirls South Africa’s ‘Girls Afterschool Leadership Education Programme’ was externally evaluated by the German Sport University Cologne partnering with local researchers. Our aim is to deliver high quality sport for development projects, which make a difference in girls’ lifes. We want to contribute to the evaluation of best-practices in the field of sport for development and girls’ education.


Starting of the research process

In 2015 evaluation instruments were translated, tested, and first data of the Baseline study was collected.

From January 2016 until March 2017 the impact of the project was evaluated by gathering data on the girls development regarding their

  • self-esteem,
  • social capital,
  • violence negotiation skills,
  • school performance and the program’s overall feasibility.

Therefor surveys were handed out to the girls and their teachers, interviews were conducted with the girls and report cards were collected prior to the participation at Boxgirls (Pre-test) and after the participation at Boxgirls (Post-test). 3 month after the end of the project the skills of the girls were evaluated again, in order to know, if the impact made on the girls’ development was persistent over time (Post-post test).

The study design follows a randomized controlled trial approach, randomly assigning girls to either control or intervention groups. Local research assistants, trained by the German Sport University and Boxgirls, gathered the data using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our results – Boxgirls impact

The conclusion of the evaluation report highlights positive significant change in the girls’ general and academic self-esteem, their violence negotiation skills, their confidence in standing up for themselves against authority and dealing with situations of violence, their academic performance and their awareness of local support networks.

Further the data could show a high overall satisfaction of the girls with the program activities, the atmosphere, and the relationship with others at the program. The relationship between the peer-facilitators and participants stands out as being of huge value, for participants, peer-facilitators as well as community members.
The majority of girls mention greater academic performance and classroom behavior as the biggest change they have experienced as a result of the program. The other half mentioned respect, communication skills and dealing with emotions as their biggest change through Boxgirls.


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