Boxgirls is recognized for fighting aganist Violence in South Africa


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In their quarterly newsletter, the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading project (VPUU) wrote a feature a story on Boxgirls South Africa’s (BGSA) violence prevention strategy. VPUU is an urban planning organisation in Khayelitsha (a township in Cape Town). The organisation recognized Boxgirls’ leadership in the field of violence protection and prevention, as well as BGSA’s women’s empowerment and education efforts. The article notes BGSA’s strong commitment to the belief in the power of women in girls to change not only their lives but the lives of their families and neighbors as well.

For Boxgirls the slogan “Strong Girls. Safe Communities” is more than just a saying. VPUU captures this sentiment stating, “…if girls and women have the skills and the support to develop their sense of self, they will also take steps to protect themselves against gender-based violence and work on building a safer community. That’s why the aims and impact of the programme reaches from the individual girl to peer group and the broader community.”

Reaching these goals will not only have a strong positive impact on Boxgirls participants but also on the schools that the girls attend. Participants take the lessons that they’ve learned at Boxgirls into their schools and act a change multipliers to help make schools in South Africa safer. When girls feel safe and supported at school they are more likely to pay attention to their lessons and excel at school. We support violence prevention because we support every girl’s right to an education in a safe and supportive environment.


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