Our Team

Dr. Heather Cameron
Dr. Heather Cameron is the founder of Boxgirls International and The Camp Group “Think Tank and Do Lab”. In 2010, she was honoured by the German Association of University Professors with the prize ‘University Professor of the Year’ for her work in education at the Freie Universität Berlin. She was also selected as an Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka: Social Innovators for the Public and received the Young Leaders Award from the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation. As a social entrepreneur, Cameron works around the world for girls’ education and rights. She leads projects for refugee children in German cities, designs girls’ primary school leadership programmes in the townships of Cape Town and, as an international gender and education expert for the German Development Cooperation, runs workshops and creates curriculum tools for the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan. Cameron also consults with leading foundations and organisations on social impact assessment strategies.
Andiswa Mandikane
Community liaison, BGSA Director and Khayelitsha school manager
“I am a person who loves helping people and children. I am very passionate about empowering women and community development in general. I started working for Boxgirls in 2009 as head coach with 2 schools in Site C.”
Nwabisa Qalanto
Evaluation & Administration Assistant
Winnie Mbatha
Legal Administrator
Mr. Big
NGO programme manager, school governing board member, xenophobia and migration expert Community leader
Inga Mafenuka
Information communications technology student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology UNOSDP alumni
Lisa Opel
Project Manager Boxgirls Int.
Lisa has worked for CamP Group since July 2015. She graduated from the Free University Berlin in educational science in 2012 and is currently finishing her M.A. Her main focus of study is theoretical and empirical work on social inequality as well as the political and pedagogical demands and ideas for higher equity developing from the academic field. During her study she gained work experience in several research projects as well as various pedagogical organizations focusing on working with refugees and migrants.At CamP Group Lisa supports Boxgirls International and especially Boxgirls South Africa.

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