Our Aim – Girls’ Education

Why Girls’ Education?

Education is a universal right. It is also one of the most effective social equalizers for millions of women around the world. When girls are given equal opportunity and access to receive an education, we see improved health outcomes, lower birth rates and more women in the workforce. Women who are actively empowered by education become business owners, health workers and educators.

Boxgirls recognizes that gender-based violence and violence in schools are major barriers to education for girls around the world.The programmes that we deliver support women and girls in developing life skills, learning self-defense and de-escalation strategies and becoming leaders in their schools and communities.Together, women and girls are fighting against gender-based violence and other barriers to progress in their communities.

Our goals:

  • Improve participant’s academic performance and motivation through afterschool leadership clubs and additional tutoring;
  • Increase the ability of our participants to defend themselves against gender-based violence;
  • Support leadership development training for girls and young women;
  • Provide advice and learning events to other NGOs, funders and governments on curriculum design, impact evaluation and child protection.