About Boxgirls

Boxgirls International is a global network of sports for development projects using boxing as a catalyst for social change for women and girls. We believe that well-designed and delivered sports and leadership programs change lives. Our programs improve girls’ strength and resilience, allowing them to better control their lives.

When girls and women have the skills and support to develop a sense of self, they are able to protect themselves from gender-based violence and to advocate for their interests in their local communities. Our programmes use education and basic self-defense techniques to empower and support girls and women living in difficult urban environments.

The skills girls learn in the ring bring them further in their schooling, relationships, and careers. Boxgirls participants are more confident, more focused and they have skills they need to make their dreams come true.

Our philosophy is that strong girls become strong women. And we know that strong women transform their communities. It’s simple:

Strong girls. Safe communities.